When life situations change...

TransitionsWhat is Transitions?

Transitions is a program of Hospice of Marion County which offers free support for those with a life-limiting illness who may wish to pursue treatment options for their condition. A professionally managed, volunteer-based support system provided in the comfort of your home, assisted living facility, nursing home or wherever you call home. It is designed to assist those challenged by an advancing illness and for those who don’t want or don’t qualify for hospice care because their prognosis is a year or longer.

Why contact Transitions?

It can be confusing to know where to turn for help when coping with a serious illness and all the changes it brings. It is not unusual to feel hopeful one minute and discouraged the next. The Transitions staff knows that asking for help may be difficult for many people and may take courage to make the call. That’s why our self-assessment quiz gives guidance and understanding about how Transitions can help. Take the quiz in the comfort of your own home; it is completely confidential.

What does Transitions provide?

An important part of the Transitions program is the companionship, assurance and support that are so vital to those facing complex issues relating to their illness, treatment and outcomes.

TransitionsThe Transitions program offers:

  • case management services to identify client and family needs
  • resources to fulfill those needs through volunteers
  • referrals and links to community agencies
  • trained volunteers who visit, run errands or help you keep up appointments

This service increases the likelihood that Transitions clients receive appropriate medical and non-medical services from community providers. Community medical and non-medical providers also benefit from Transitions’ monitoring services. This unique program increases client communication with caregivers and facilitates networking between providers to enhance quality end-of-life care.

Transitions is available at no charge to residents of Marion County thanks to donations and funding through Hospice of Marion County. Anyone in the county with a life-limiting illness is eligible. Services are provided to patients in their own home, nursing home or assisted living facility.

For more information, contact Transitions manager Beverly Crumpler at (352) 854-5200, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Transitions is a program operated by Hospice of Marion County.